Emphasize the economic positions of the Republican Party, especially the partyís platform planks on the tariff, building a transcontinental railroad, and passing a Homestead Act.  

  Donít write off the South. Run a national campaign to win support in all sections, including a major effort to secure Southern votes.  

  Call for full political, economic, and social equality for slaves in the South and free blacks across the country.  

  Press for the containment of slavery in the South by banning the institution from the Western territories.  

  Attack the record, proposals, or character of one, two, or all three of Lincolnís opponents.  

  Defend Lincoln from attacks against his personal history, his legislative record (particularly his public stance about the Mexican War), his connections to John Brownís raid, and his alleged abolitionist principles.  

  Argue that Lincoln is a uniter, not a divider, and is the best candidate to preserve the union peacefully.  

  Promote a favorable image of Lincolnís candidacy through parades, songs, cartoons, poems, and similar formats.  

  Remain inactive while the two Democratic nominees bitterly attack each other and divide their partyís vote, allowing Lincoln to triumph.  







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